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While Scott is trying to find his car in a parking garage, he sees a shadow, followed by a low growl, and begins running. A werewolf chases after him. Scott hides among a row of cars but his phone rings and he panics. The werewolf turns out to be Derek, who was testing Scott's skills. Upset, Scott asks Derek to seriously teach him how to control his changes. Derek says that he'll teach Scott if he stays away from Allison, as she is a distraction. Scott agrees but goes to see Allison anyway. After he leaves, he has a run-in with the Alpha who draws a spiral on his window, similar to the one on Derek's sister, Laura's grave. At home, Scott finds Derek in his room and tells him about the spiral. This disturbs Derek and he leaves. At school, Scott tries to avoid Allison. Since Scott's short temper is w...


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